Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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AA Takes L.A. >> The Things I Did

To wrap up my L.A./southern California trip re-cap, I had to share some of the fun things I did!

The L.A. Fashion District had been on my list for a while, and my heart skipped several beats looking at all the beautiful fabrics:

I have some fun projects in mind using these zippers!

For anyone who likes to sew even a little bit, this place is heaven. Rows and rows of shops bursting with every type of fabric imaginable. 

There are also quite a few "real" fabric shops, including the famous Michael Levine. Right across the street from the actual Michael Levine store is the The Loft, where all fabrics are sold by the pound. I found an amazing print there that I'm hoping will make cute matching skirts or dresses for me and my sister (that's still a cool thing people do...right? right??).

Right nearby is the FIDM Scholarship Store. This great little place sells discounted fabric and trims, as well as some newer clothing and accessories.

If you're already going to be in the Fashion District, I'd recommend a stop. I found two cute bathing suits for $2 each and a whole bag of funky buttons. Plus, all the proceeds benefit the FIDM Scholarship Foundation, so you can totally rationalize any purchase.

As long as you're in the city, stop by Santee Alley if you haven't before!

It's filled with different vendors selling souvenir trinkets and "designer" handbags. Even if you're not in the mood to fill your suitcase with chotchkies (which I wasn't) it's a fun place to people watch and eat a churro (which I was definitely in the mood for).

Speaking of shopping, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Long Beach Antique Market, which I was so happy to make time to go to. It was filled with the coolest stuff (most of which wouldn't fit in my suitcase).

Favorite thing! Much to large for my suitcase :(

I really need these lawn chairs. I also really need a lawn.

I did find some great dresses that fit in my suitcase and will be in the shop over the next few weeks.

As much as I love L.A. and the warmth, I was so happy to come back to Chicago. It really is the best city! Don't get me wrong, though, I'll be back to L.A. for more -- hopefully soon!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

AA Takes L.A. >> The Little Bites

I enjoyed lots of little nibbles in between the delicious meals I had on my trip to L.A. They were the types of treats that you don't plan on, but just grab when you have the chance.

My trip to Santee Alley wouldn't have been complete without a little bite from a street vendor. Because of my life-long love of donuts, I had to grab this delicious churro:

One of the things I absolutely knew I wanted to eat in California was fruit from a farm stand. Definitely made that possible with some Mandarin oranges (one of which I sadly dropped in the sand):

I got some major exercise in over the trip, so I felt absolutely no guilt about this beauty from a mom and pop donut shop:

My friend Rachel and I were craving ice cream when we happened upon this truck:

They offered dairy and non-dairy options, though I opted for the real deal. It was so good we pondered going back for seconds, but responsibly saved our appetites for dinner instead :)

Stop back later in the week to get a load of all the fun places I went on my trip!